New Zone3 Collection: 2018 Range

Since Zone3 was founded in 2007, we have always set out to design products that enable athletes to perform to the best of their abilities and reach new limits. 

The new Zone3 collection is a reflection of over ten years worth of research, development and real-life product feedback. We have added some exciting new products, as well as re-engineering and updating many of our existing lines to further improve performance and comfort. 

The headline products would include our brand new Advance and Vision wetsuits which we believe are the very best entry-level wetsuits in the world. Also, an extension to our much loved Lava collection for those racing longer distances. Following the popularity of our Swim-Run Evolution wetsuit, we have extended this range and introduced the Versa, as an entry-level alternative. We also have six different categories of exciting swimwear and a mixture of new open water, pool and race accessories.

Just like you, we aim to get better and faster every year, and our new range doesn’t disappoint. See below our guide the new 2018 Zone3 range:


We use the finest fabrics from all over the world to offer the highest performance and comfort during the swim, bike and run. Each panel is selected and placed with laser precision to ensure it’s working ergonomically with the body. Weight, breath-ability,  water retention, drying time, drag, coverage, compression, and support are all carefully consider when choosing which fabrics are best for each style and each part of the body.

Core Wetsuits

Our wetsuit collection has over eight years of award-winning reviews based on performance, comfort, and value. The 2018 Advance and Vision styles feature some market leading features such as our new Free-Flex linings for improved flexibility, comfort and distance per stroke. New laser-cut collar design for soft-seal fit around the neck comfort and new materials and graphics to ensure that the Zone3 suits remain as the some of the best looking on the market.

The full range is based on our core design principles which continue to impress swimmers and triathletes from all over the world:


Swim Skins

For example, our swim skins are made out of X2R fabric. This is a premium fabric, which is one of the lightest and most compressive fabrics available. It is extremely hydrophobic, with only a 5% water absorption rate. Utilizing the laser cutting and heat seal bonding technology ensures very low drag levels through the water.

Tri suits

In terms of tri suits, the performance fabrics, and design features ensure maximum comfort and breathability – helping you push harder.


We have designed the Aeroforce tri suit to be the most aerodynamic suit on the market. They use a unique dimple fabric designed in Italy, based on Golf Ball Technology. This fabric is located in the key areas which generate the most drag to help minimise this and increase speed by creating a thin turbulent boundary layer of air that clings to the suit’s surface. This allows the air to smoothly follow the contours of the body. Therefore, it decreases the size of the wake by slicing through the air faster and more efficiently. All our tri suits use Italian designed pads to minimise water absorption and providing protection during the cycling phase, without impeding your swim or run.

For long distance athletes, we have made our Lava collection from the finest quality optical white woven fabric from France, the choice of many brands and athletes of the highest level. We use this fabric on the upper body for maximum breathability, temperature control and freedom of movement; whilst the lower body is made from a supportive compression fabric complemented with Italian leg grippers for perfect fit and comfort.


We have designed our products with comfort and performance in mind. We have also carefully constructed each aspect of the design to ensure our kit is fast and high performing.

  • The tri suits use either an innovative glue-bonded seam structure or flat-lock stitching. We designed this for maximum strength in addition to comfort.
  •  Some of our tri suits contain carefully positioned pockets. These are to store nutritional products or other race accessories whilst not creating excessive drag.
  • We have added total zip protection; this includes an inner protection system which ensures no rubbing on the sharp edges of the zip.
  • Our tri suits all use elastic technology and piping. This gives a snug fit without any discomfort around the arms and necklines.
  • Furthermore, our designers have positioned silicone leg grippers on the leg hem of each suit. This will prevent any movement of the shorts and also help to prevent irritation.


Working with experts within swimwear design, the new range not only looks the part but performs the highest level. Hundreds of athletes have tried and tested our market leading Xfinity fabric. They ensure 100% Chlorine resistance, shape retention, coverage, and performance. There is something in our swimwear for all tastes and abilities this year as we further expand into the swimwear market.

Zone3 Lanzarote November 2017


Our women’s swimwear includes many features; Compression lining, improved paneling and contoured sides for optimum fit and a slimming effect have all been added. Not only are the designs stylish but also fit for purpose. The men’s swimwear includes features such as flat-lock stitching for improved durability and comfort against the skin, subtle overlock seams for a seamless appearance, and drawstring waistbands for a secure fit.

Neoprene Apparel and Accessories

We hope to help swimmers continue training throughout the year with our neoprene apparel range. Many unheated pools get cold during the winter months so this range helps to maintain body heat and protect from the cold. We have extended this range to include baselayer tops, kneeskins, and swimming costumes. Our ever-popular neoprene caps, socks, and gloves are also perfect for keeping the extremities warm.

Zone3 Lanzarote November 2017

Our buoyancy shorts are the originals; First developed in 2007 as an alternative to a pull buoy, they provide a natural buoyant feeling allowing the swimmer to continue kicking whilst working on stroke technique. With three options available, depending on preference and ability, our buoyancy shorts have helped thousands of swimmers improve their technique. We use top quality Yamamoto neoprene, and a variety of thicknesses to suit all. New for 2018 includes a full leg buoyancy kick-pant.


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