The return of the Don – Tim Don is back from injury

Ironman world record holder and Zone3 sponsored Elite athlete, Tim Don raced the Boston Marathon on Monday 16th April, despite being in a serious bike accident only six months ago. 

Tim Don was struck by a car on his final training ride, just two days before the Kona Ironman World Championships in 2017. He was going into this race as one of the favourites, having set the Ironman World Record 4 months earlier in a time of 7:40:23. In this accident, his C2 Vertebrae was fractured and Tim sustained such serious injuries that he was immobilized for four months.

The only way he could avoid long-term implications was to wear a halo for three months instead of getting surgery. The purpose of a halo was to immobilize his upper body with four titanium bolts screwed into his skull. Getting this device would give him a 90% chance of a complete recovery, so Don opted for this procedure, because of his determination to get back into racing at the highest level.

While he was wearing the halo, Tim worked with a team of physiotherapists and doctors to prepare him for his recovery and comeback. He concentrated on his core and lower body while he was in the halo and at the first available opportunity was back training on the bike and in the pool. Initial swims were all done using a snorkel because he wasn’t able to turn his head to breathe normally.

Just six months after the accident, he is now without the halo tackled the Boston Marathon on Monday in a record 2:49:42!!

When talking about the Boston Marathon, Don stated: “I just felt I needed something to focus on and have my own personal goal. I’ve never done a marathon on it’s own and Boston is such an iconic marathon”. Tim also talked about his goals for the event:

 “All being well I think my goal will be to run quicker than my Ironman marathon time of 2:44” 

He is hoping to race a 70.3 in June, and a late-summer Ironman to qualify for Kona 2018, where all eyes will be on his return to top level events!

We wish Tim the best of luck & look forward to his year ahead!